Terms and Conditions

I am aware when ordering a dumptster with GoCo Rolloff Dumpsters that I will pay for any damages that are incurred to the dumpster while it is in my care. I will not attempt to move the dumpster in any way from the place it is set by GoCo Rolloff Dumpsters and their employees. I aso agree to NOT fill the dumpster over the top of the dumpster rails/side walls.

I am also aware by entering into this rental agreement with GoCo Rolloff Dumpsters that I release GoCo Rolloff Dumpsters and its entities from all liabilities for damages to private driving surfaces, pavement or road surfaces, grass, top soil, septic, culvert and entire container placement site. GoCo Rolloff Dumpsters shall not be responsible for any damages to any private driving surface, pavaement or accompanying subsurface of any route associated to perform the service that was contracted.